Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nan C. Moorehead 2012 Sales List #2

Nan Moorehead is no longer publishing "Golden Opportunities," but she is continuing to mail out her sales list. She continues to seek out all kinds of vintage and antique paper goods at estate sales, so her lists are fresh. This is her 2nd list of the year; the third list contains many items that Nan bought from the late Wilma Goss, and I will post that list soon. Above, a 1930s newspaper paper doll that I purchased at the convention from Elaine Price. Elaine allowed Nan to feature many items from her collection in "Golden Opportunities," so I thought it fitting to feature something from Elaine to go along with this list.

Click on each image to read large. Be sure to call Nan to make sure the item is still available, and if you have any questions about the item. Publishers are S=Saalfield, M= Merrill, W=Whitman, L=Lowe. 

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