Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Teen Town, Merrill Paper Dolls Original Art, 1946

Paper doll collectors are familiar with these Merrill books. The late JeanWoodcock, a well-known collector and author of two guide books to celebrity paper dolls, had a lot of the old Merrill stock.

Her son Mark sent me these pictures of the original art via email. Here's what he said:

Hi Linda. I was in Alabama last week cleaning out my mother's house because I sold it. In the back of the closet I found a number of large manila envelopes with original sketches for Merrill books that were printed and several for books that were never produced. I've scanned three so far and I thought it might be something interesting for your blog. I scanned Coke Crown and Teen Town. There is also an alternate version of Teen Town I haven't scanned yet. I also scanned a mock up of a Charlotte Byj book that was never produced. There is some amazing stuff in there no one has ever seen. None of the sketches I found were ever shown at the Merrill Paper Doll Convention in Tulsa. In fact, a lot of them I have no memory of ever seeing myself.

And here is the alternate version of Teen Town, with "Swish Togs for Teens"!

More to come...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Paperdoll Review Issue 58

Another terrific issue! I just received my copy in the mail, and look forward to savoring articles about art deco (Judy Johnson & Marilyn Henry), stewardess paper dolls (Jane Alfano Rasor), and that weird Deerfield paper doll set that commemorates an 18th century Indian massacre (Tamara Gerard). I found the Deerfield set at the last convention, so I'm eager to learn more. And Faye Phillips has an article on the crepe paper magic of Martha Davis! Martha's creations are very much in demand, and sell out quickly.

One article could not wait: I devoured every word of David Wolfe on Doris Day, and his Behind the Scenes column about his Paper Studio Press paper dolls of the sunny star. Day, who just turned 90, sounds as delightful as her screen persona.  David had a second Day paper doll book published to coincide with her birthday this month. Great job, David!

The back cover is a lovely "Gatsby Style" paper doll by Eileen R. Miller. Click image below for more information about the issue and how to purchase it or click here to order online.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fred Hopper by Kathy Lawrence

I was so pleased to find this in the gift shop of the Folk Art Museum. Fred Hopper of the Hopper Family Paper Dolls by Kathy Lawrence (daughter of Queen Holden). It was published by Shackman in 2011. There are three other dolls for purchase separately: a mother rabbit and two bunny children. Kathy's artwork is exquisite. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Anniversary, 1944

My husband laughed when I showed him this card -- the golfer isn't facing the right way! Oh well. It's the thought that counts.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The 2014 Midwest Paper Doll Party

Peggy Ell sent along the following message via email:

Happy Spring Paper-Dollers!

It’s that time of year. Nancy Mershon and I will be hosting the paper doll party in Des Moines this year Saturday, May 3rd, and we hope YOU can come. It’s an informal format, with lots of opportunity to buy and sell paper dolls. We have a show and tell, a boxed lunch and a special favor for everyone that attends.

We hope to see you there!!!!!
Peggy Ell


When:  Saturday, May 3rd from 10:00 to 4:00
Where: Zion Lutheran Church

              4300 Beaver Ave

                 Des Moines, Iowa
Who:      Hostesses this year are Nancy Mershon and Peggy Ell
Why:    For fun, friendship, and paper dolling!
What to Bring: Paper dolls you want to sell (make sure your price and initials are on each item and that your name is on your box).

Our theme this year is: Children Around the World

If you would like to bring a foreign/traveling child paper doll to display and a paper doll for show and tell we would be delighted!

A donation of a PD item for the door prizes would be very much appreciated! If you are a paper doll artist (amateur or pro) and would like to donate an original paper doll as a souvenir, please bring one for everyone.  Email Peggy for a head count a week prior to the party.  

Cost will be $14 (to help with the cost of the room, lunch, decorations etc.) and is payable at the door.

We need an RSVP from everyone to order sandwiches and keep our mailing list current.

___I will be coming to the 2014 PD party on May 3rd
___I will not be coming to the 2014PD party on May 3rd

I would like a     ___ Turkey                  ___ Ham   
___Roast Beef   ___Veggie          Sandwich
___Please keep my name on the permanent invitation list.
___Please take my name off the permanent invitation list.
Questions? Call Peggy Ell 319 752-7670 or E-Mail her at ell(at)mchsi(dot)com or Nancy Mershon at nmers44(at)iowatelecom(dot)net

Please respond by April 29th 

Directions to Zion Lutheran Church

Coming from the East on I-80: take I-35/I-80 until you get to exit 131 ( Merle Hay Rd) Take exit 131 and turn left (south) onto Merle Hay Rd.  Now continue with part B below.
Coming from the West on I-80: take I-35/I-80 until you get to exit 131 ( Merle Hay Rd.). Take exit 131 and turn right (south) onto Merle Hay Rd.  Now continue with part B.

Coming from the North on I-35:  take I-35/I-80 until you get to exit 131 (  Merle Hay Rd). Take exit 131 and turn left (south) onto Merle Hay Rd. Now continue with part B below.

Coming from the South on I-35: take I-35/I-80 until you get to exit 131 ( Merle Hay Rd). Take exit 131 and turn right (south) onto Merle Hay Rd. Now continue with part B below.

Part B    
Now Everybody: From exit 131, go three stop lights to Aurora Ave. (Bob Brown Chevrolet is on the right (west) and Dahls Foods is set back from the street on the left (east).  Turn left (east) onto Aurora Ave. Continue east until you get to Beaver Ave (one mile).  Go left (north) on Beaver Ave. one block. Zion Lutheran Church is @ 4300 Beaver Ave.

Area Hotels

All of these hotels are within the 1st mile on Merle Hay Rd.
5000 Merle Hay Rd.   1-800272-6232    www.ramada.com

 Quality Inn
4995 Merle Hay Rd.   1-800-228-5151    dsmqualityinn@hotmail.com

Holiday Inn
4800 Merle Hay Rd.     1-800-465-4329    www.kinseth.com

Days Inn
4845 Merle Hay Rd.    1-800-32-746          www.daysinn.com

Econo Lodge
4755 Merle Hay Rd.     1-800553-2666       www.econolodge.com

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Special Tribute to Larry Bassin

Louise Leek is hosting a paper doll party that will celebrate the work of Larry Bassin. It will be Saturday, May 17 at the Methodist Church in Streetsboro, Ohio. There will be sales, raffles, show-and- tell, and a program presented by Larry himself. Attendees will also receive a souvenir paper doll by Larry. There's a Dress-A-Doll to design for, too, but make sure you get the invitation from Louise so that you have the right size. I scanned this doll in and the size may be off.

Click on each image for more information.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nan C. Moorehead Sales List Update

This is a brief two-page update to the Jan. 2014 list; Nan hopes to have a new selection of vintage paper dolls to sell soon. Special on this list: original artwork by Sandy Vanderpool. 

Nan is also selling a few back issues of Golden Opportunities, must-haves for the serious collector of vintage and antique paper dolls. 

Above, featured on the back cover of issue #64 of G.O., a New Yorker cover from June 16, 1945. It's one of my favorites, all about the dawn of the post-war era. The New Yorker cover is also for sale for $15.

Don't forget: call Nan first before mailing your check to make sure the item is available.

Nan C. Moorehead, 523 Maple St., #204, Edmonds, WA 98020. Phone: (425) 778-1324