Friday, January 30, 2009

Armstrong Quaker, cont.

These were all the pieces I found in this set. There may be more, but I'm not sure.


  1. Hi Linda,
    I think you can stop wondering if this set is complete because it seems like it is.Looking at the ad for these items(Google news,Milwaukee Sentinel,October 20,1928)and this listing ( features everything you have minus the doll(for 65$)I don't see what could be missing .I looked it up as a thank-you for having such a great site.

  2. Thank you! Wow, $65 is steep. I paid about $25 for my set.

  3. And mind you, the other set is incomplete since you have the doll as well as her rooms.When I told my financial administration professor that toys were a better investment than the stock market he thought I was pulling his leg,but then that was before the crash ,lol!