Sunday, February 1, 2009

Margery May paper doll

The Companion Paper Doll: Introducing Margery May, by Emma Musselman, Woman's Home Companion, February 1920. Beautiful artwork. I bought an envelope of cut Companion dolls from Carol Carey about a year ago, missing hats and a few outfits, but dear all the same. I'll post more cut Companion paper dolls along with old Valentine cards this month.


  1. Oh, Linda! I LOVE the Margery May series! I have been longing for some good scans! I look forward to seeing as many as you can post!THANK YOU!!! Cordially, Colleen

  2. I wish I had more, and that what I have was complete! I have one intact sheet in a large binder somewhere that I will scan in. My knitting skills on the computer are not the best, so it may take a while. (The Vanity Fair pd of the Prince of Wales was tricky, because it was still in the magazine.)

    Meanwhile, I have the cut Companions lined up to post here.