Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Purr-Sonal Greeting, 1912

I love this card, not just for the crazy grin on the cat, but for the newsy post on reverse, touching on the cold weather, farm life and even fashion. Note the sender added his own message to the cat's paper: Ye Ow What A Climate.

Here's the news Will sent to his sister, Mrs. Annie Maillat of Parkers Glen, Pike Co., Pa. on Jan. 25, 1912:

Dear Sis, I haven't heard any whippoorwills lately around here but Em saw a robin in one of our trees the other day. I had a letter from Frank yesterday it has been very cold out there too and lots of snow. We have been very lucky to escape that part of it. Lots of sickness around here, mostly pneumonia. Our hens are doing well considering the climate. We get from 10 to 14 from 35 hens. Hope this finds you all well. Will
Then Will adds a line going up the left side: Straw hats are not in style now. Sweet.

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