Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family Circle paper dolls

June 2011 issue (page 16) on sale now.  Thanks to Faye Phillips on the yahoo newsgroup for the heads up! I like this page because the outfits actually appear to fit. I like how the shoe boxes and the mailbag help shape the costume. Plus, the whole thing is tied to information about first jobs, wages and the cost of living.

And celebrity gossip! Who knew Pitt donned the costume for El Pollo Loco? Not I. The celebrity likenesses by Brian Taylor are OK, although Clooney looks like a cranky old man and none of Steve Carell's loony charm is evident. But hey, it's a paper doll page! The clothes have tabs and appear to fit. That's good enough for me.

UPDATE: Err, forget the fit. Clothes are smaller than dolls. It looks like the production people just wanted to get everything on the same page, and reduced the costumes. Too bad.

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