Saturday, July 16, 2011

Paperdoll Review Issue #50

Another wonderful issue from Marilyn Henry and Jennie Taliadoros.  Back cover art by Brenda Sneathen Mattox, a collector and expert on vintage wedding gowns.

Click last image for table of contents and subscription information, or simply click here to order online.


  1. Linda, Do you know any other bloggers who collect paper dolls?

  2. Yes! Marge Schaffer, for one; click on her name under Lovely Links on this page. Also under Lovely Links: Munecas Recortables, Paper Thin Personas, Agence Eureka, Kathleen Taylor. Many paper doll artists collect and have web sites, but don't blog. Hit any of the Lovely Links to explore. Be sure to visit Teri Pettit, who has posted most of her extraordinary collection on her web site, and made it easy for visitors to download images for their own play time. So many other bloggers collect many things, not just paper dolls. I have to update my Lovely Links. I have folks in my Google Reader that I see I haven't linked here.