Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tea time

Who among us has not poured a cup of tea for a favorite doll or teddy bear? A colorful scrap from the 1920s or 1930s, I imagine, since it is marked simply "Printed in Germany."

Tea time is one of the best ways to play at being a grown up: you're hosting a party, tending to your guests, thinking up congenial conversation, and holding a teacup just so.

It's hard to think of tea and not think of England. Here's the Queen Mother and King George VI with their daughters Margaret Rose and Elizabeth -- who of course just celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, 60 years on the throne. This is a postcard I found many years ago, unused and undated.

Some favorite writing paper; the flip side has fainter images than these, and makes a lovely background for a letter.

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  1. This awakens happy memories. Of cousre many hours were spent with a miniature tea service and and an array of dollies and teddies. Now my own grandchildren enjoy this. It’s a great way of encouraging language development. Lovely scraps and postcards.

  2. The Queen has had several comments this week in our comments but this is the first photo to appear, I think and I've seen some writing paper similar to that you've shown.

  3. That's the cutest valentine ever. So perfect for this weeks theme. I would love to write a letter on that teatime stationery. But actually I haven't written a real letter in years. Email is ruining the stationery industry!

  4. The finger on the teapot lid -- what a classic pose. That German print is so sweet.

  5. I've never served tea to my teddy bear... which possibly explains why I am now a dysfunctional adult.
    Lovely presentation. I doubt though Margareth Rose stuck to tea much, as a grown-up...
    I'm just saying!!
    Seen too much gossip magazines from my mother's, I guess...

  6. Not only have I never tilted a tea-pot for my Teddy, I had the embarrassment of having a fellow Sepia Saturday visit me the other day - all the way from America - and realised with shame that I did not have a tea-pot!

  7. I don't remember playing with a tea set but sure do remember getting and giving valentines. None quite as cute as yours, though.

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