Sunday, July 22, 2012

Recortables Ninon

I love to search for "recortables" on Google images to see Spanish cut-outs. This is one I purchased at the Morgantown luncheon this year. Corto y visto -- cut and see.

Inside, 12 pages, about 5 X 7 inches with front-and-back dolls and clothing. Also, an adorable closet to store all the cut-outs! I'm guessing this was published in Spain, c. 1950s.

Over the next week I'll post the sheets in pairs.

And to see more wonderful recortables, check out this site. 


  1. Huge thanks for all your lovely posts!

    I'm a Spanish speaker and a translator, and I want to tell you that "Corto y Visto" does not mean "cut and see."

    Although "visto" means "seen" (example: fue visto/was seen), it is also a form of the verb "vestir" (to dress).

    So, the correct translation of "Corto y Visto" is "Cut and Dress" in this case.

    I hope you find this information useful.