Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ballerina Cut-Out Dolls by Merrill

This is a prototype of a Merrill Book that was never published. Mark Woodcock, the son of the late collector and writer Jean Woodcock, sent me an e-mail saying that, although he has been selling some of his mother's estate, he held on to several items for sentimental reasons. Many of these items have never been seen by most people. This prototype falls into that category. Thank you, Mark, for allowing me to share these pictures with my readers.


  1. This is really wonderful! - what a pity it was never made. I would have loved to have seen the finished book.

  2. Jean Woodcock's Merrill Publications are being laser reproduced by numerous paper doll dealers on ebay and online websites- is this copyright infringement?

    1. Copyright might have expired, as happens with books and music after a certain number of years (decades, in most cases).