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The 2013 International Paper Doll Convention

This lovely calendar doll was a souvenir of the 2009 Paper Doll Convention in Las Vegas -- and of course, by the great Tom Tierney. Deanna Williams and Kwei-lin Lum put on a wonderful event that year, and they have been planning the 2013 event in Los Angeles, Aug. 29-Sept. 1.

And it just wouldn't be a convention without Garth Lax's newsy email blasts.  

                                  WAY OUT WEST !
                                        Email  #1
It's December of 2012, the 2013 International Paper Doll Convention is
only 24 weeks away, and this is the start of your Convention email series!!
Over the next few months, the 2013 Los Angeles Paper Doll Convention
will issue a series of emails that will tell you about the fabulous
Convention to come, and give you all sorts of information that will make
your 2013 Convention experience one that is brimming with memories.
Not only will we tell you what to expect at the Convention, but also
we'll outline a wonderful set of venues and events that will help you
to make your Convention an even more memorable occasion.
The Convention will run from Thursday, August 29 to Sunday, Sept. 1.
It will be held at the Embassy Suites, International Airport/South,
1440 East Imperial Avenue, El Segundo, California, 90245.
The telephone number is 1-310-640-3600.
Embassy Suites has long been a favorite site for Conventions.
Because of the suite arrangement and the convertible sofa, it's easy
for three people to share a suite; four requires a bit more coordination,
but it certainly is "do-able" and frequently is done.
You'll enjoy a free buffet or cooked-to-order breakfast each morning,
and a free Manager's Reception each evening (where the Convention
attendees love to gather for refreshments of all sorts, plus munchies,
plus great conversation - - where you'll meet old friends and make new
friends). You'll also enjoy the fully-equipped fitness center, and
the refreshing indoor pool.
In addition to the breakfast that you'll get with your room, you'll receive
all your lunches and dinners from Thursday lunch through the Saturday
banquet as part of your Convention Registration. You won't have to leave
the Hotel for anything (nor would you wish to) because from the time
you check in to the time you check out, you 'll be up to your shoulders
in Paper Dolls, Paper Doll seminars, Paper Doll artists, and wonderful
paper doll FUN  !!
The Embassy Suites hotel has been redecorated in fabulous fashion.
It will make you feel as though you are luxuriating in the opulence
of a Moorish castle in Spain!  For those who have been there for past
Conventions, yes the lush foliage still abounds, oasis-like around the
ponds and stream; and yes, the ducks and fish still paddle and swim,
gracing the many conversational nooks of the extensive lobby. 
Getting to Los Angeles is easy; the City is served by every
major U.S. Airline including Air Tran, American, Continental, Delta,
Frontier, Hawaiian, Jet Blue Southwest, United, US Airways, and others.
International carriers include Aeromexico, Air Canada, Air France,
Air New Zea land, British Air, KLM, Luftansa, Qantas, Virgin Atlantic,
and more.
The Hotel is adjacent to and just south of Los Angeles International
Airport (LAX), and the Hotel provides a free shuttle to whisk you
both ways between your Airport terminal and the Hotel.
By the way, the Convention folks suggest that you plan to arrive
on the Wednesday in order to be able to participate in everything.
I'll give you more information as it becomes available.
In the meantime, keep their suggestion in mind.
In the Convention email series, we're going to tell you of great spots
to visit in the greater Los Angeles area. For that spouse or friend who
has no interest in a Paper Doll Convention, we'll tempt that person with
special venues that they'll find greatly appealing while you're at
the Convention August 29 - Sept. 1. Since Monday, Sept. 2 is is the
U.S. Labor Day holiday, you have the perfect opportunity to take some
extra time to enjoy one of the great cities of the US West Coast.
All venues that we describe will be within 90 minutes from the
Convention site. While you must stay at the Convention Hotel
August 29 - September 1, there's no reason why you can't stay at
lodgings closer to your points of particular interest for the pre- or post-
Convention days (although Embassy Suites has agreed to give you the
Convention rate for a day before and a day after the Convention).
We'll tell you about the fabulous and diverse sights that you may enjoy
- - from some of the great art Museums of the world (including one
modeled after a Roman villa), to a variety of seafaring venues (from one
of the great old passenger ocean liners to a superlative WWII battleship
to a mini ocean voyage to a famous island). We'll tell you about Fashion
venues and Hollywood studio tours and Theme Parks and a legendary
Spanish Mission, and so many more special venues that make
Southern California a must-visit locale!
And we'll tell you some things about the Convention - - the types of
Workshops that are planned, what the schedule of events looks like,
even a hint about the Programs and the souvenirs if we can pry the
information loose. A new email will be sent every second or third Friday,
with a break over the Christmas Holidays. If you're currently undecided
about coming to California in 2013, or even if you're leaning toward
actually skipping the Convention, you may want to print the emails,
or store them in a Computer folder. After receiving a few of the emails,
we think that you'll be reaching for that Registration Form!
NOTE: Lots of folks remember Marion Jennings who regularly
attended the Conventions from her home in the UK, and many
have inquired regarding Marion's address these days. Now I have it.
If you'd like to send Marion Jennings Christmas Greetings or just say
"hello", she's at: Miss Marion Jennings, BrandonCare Nursing Home,
Park Road, Winchester, Hampshire, England, SO23 7BE.
SPECIAL NOTE:  I do have some sad news to report.
Virginia Crossley of Rochester Hills, Michigan, passed away
on October 23.  Virginia was one of the principal figures of the
Paper Doll world. An avid collector and a very active participant
in Paper Doll events, she played major roles in National Conventions,
particularly in the MidWest. Virginia will be missed by all of us.
For those who may wish to express sympathies, there is an on-line
guestbook at (Go to Visitations,
then type Crossley in the Search Box, and you'll be at the Guestbook)
Diana and I will take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas
or a Happy Hannukah, We'll be back with  Email #2 after the new Year.
 - - Garth
P.S. We found for the previous Conventions that virtually everyone loved
the email series and found it informative and useful. However, if you really
hate the idea of getting Convention information every two or three weeks,
just drop me an email, and I'll purge you from the list for 2013.
                        Embassy Suites Hotel, LA Airport South
        1440 East Imperial Avenue, El Segundo, California, 90245, USA 
                              August 29 - September 1, 2013

                            CONVENTION REGISTRATION


Address: ______________________________________

City: ______________________ State: _____
Zip/Postal Code: _______

Phone Number. __________________
Email Address: _______________________   

Registration Fee: $295.00
                          $325,00 After July 1, 2013)   
Absentee Registration: $100.00 (souvenirs and any "art" menus)
Guest Registration: $150 (Meals and viewing of Exhibits)
[All prices are in U.S. Dollars]

Make checks payable to Way Out West
Mail to:
Deanna Williams
733 De La Fuente
Monterey Park, CA  91754

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