Friday, January 25, 2013

Paula Hill's Open House, 2013

The annual Christmas and birthday celebration at Paula Hill's was as spectacular as ever. Wonderful people, trays of delicious food and desserts (does anyone use the term "groaning board" anymore?) and Paula's amazing house, decorated in the true spirit of the season, with beloved items, old and new.

 Handmade Santas.

Ready for his close-up.

Dear friends...

Carol Sullivan, Carol Carey and Karen Ham

In the picture, thanks Carol S.!  Carol C. is holding a beaded buffalo.

A handmade angel.

A Russian doll.

You can see pictures of Paula Hill's annual open house in past years by clicking here.  You might recognize some of the dolls in this post from my previous visits.

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  1. What a beautiful Russian doll! It looks like you all had a really wonderful time at this openhouse.