Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Paper Doll overlay

UPDATE: Kwei-lin just sent me the following information:

I do not know for sure what media were used for Gene Maiden's original. However, from the look of it, and from what I've seen of very old paper dolls, I'm almost certain that it would be watercolor. Absolutely not pastel or pencil. You can see brushwork and there's a transparency typical of watercolor.  I call this type of paper doll an overlay because that's what others out here in L.A. call it. It's the kind which has a specific sized format and each panel or oval lays on top of the other, and all fit very well into a box.

Another wonder from the collection of Kwei-lin Lum. This is an excellent copy of a Gene Maiden antique. An androgynous profile, with clothing that is both masculine and feminine. The hat and costume are placed over the profile, each time creating a delightful transformation.


  1. That's really fascinating. Was it done in pencil and pastels?

  2. I think the original was done in watercolor.

  3. The colors seem almost too vivid for watercolor, though. I'll check with Kwei-lin.

  4. What date is this? It's rather lovely don't you think?