Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Artist Mary Murray, from the Merrill Archives of Jean Woodcock

Here is more original art for a paper doll book that was never produced, this time by Mary Murray. Ultimately, Charlot Byj created a book on this theme for Merrill in 1949. 

Mark Woodcock says he never found any clothes for this particular version. I initially posted this item as a mystery, but Mark found the name of the artist in his mother's files. 

Does anyone have any further information about Mary Murray? And thank you Mark for these delightful pictures!


  1. I figured it out. The artist is Mary Murray. She did the "Monday to Sunday" story book for Merrill but never did a published paper doll book for them.

    1. Thanks, Mark! I'll have to look up more of Mary Murray's work. Adorable faces.

    2. If you are still looking for information on Mary Murray I might be able to help. She was a cousin of my mother's though these threw me since they do not have the same style of the charcoal and watercolor I have of hers from 1919.

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