Saturday, February 6, 2016

Absentee Registration for the Morgantown Luncheon

Can't join us April 16? You can still get the souvenirs by sending a check for $15 to Sheryl Jaeger. You'll find her address on the registration form. Souvenir artists: Jayne Keller, Sandy Vanderpool and Linda Hoerner.


  1. Where is that page from? My mother used to get catalogs in the mail. I remember one from a company called "Lana Lobell". My idea of a great time was to make a friend choose which outfit she would buy on a page, and I would do likewise. I loved that game but doubt my friends were as enthusiastic. Nice of them to put up with me. As you may or may not know, I write a blog called "AllWays in Fashion". You've inspired me to post that memory!

    1. Hi Michelle, Dover Publications has published samples of vintage catalogs. This is a free sample image they sent out a few years back via email; you can sign up at their web site (and purchase the book on the site, too).