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Anne K. Donze displayed this favorite Jim Howard set from her collection
at last year's Show and Share. Many of the photos shown here
are from Anne's Phoenix Convention blog. See more at:

Back by popular demand: SHOW AND SHARE, and YOU are in for a TREAT!!

First, some clarifications on the difference between THE COMPETITION, SPECIAL EXHIBITS, AND SHOW & SHARE.

A bridesmaid from "The Wedding Party," original art panels from the McLoughlin Company ca.1912.
The magnificent panels, from the collection of Diana and Garth Lax,
won the Judges Grand Award and the Popular Grand Award in the Competition last year.

There is the COMPETITION – displays of rare, valuable and one-of-a-kind paper dolls in various categories, to be judged with prizes are awarded in each category.  Mainly the Competition is for paper dolls, though there are exceptions like altered books and coloring books.  For the list of Competition categories, refer to the information packet that was mailed to you after you registered. 

There is no limit, you can enter as many items as you wish!

— To enter, your item(s) must fit into one of the categories, and you must fill out a form (your info packet has several of them) and send to Laura Cushing-Kidney / 35 Crestwood Lane  /  Billerica, MA 01821 — hurry, time is running out!

Mary Young's delightful collection of children's tinware was one of the highlights
of the Special Exhibits at the 2014 Paper Doll Convention in Richmond, Va.

There is SPECIAL EXHIBITS (displayed in the same room as the Artists Gallery on Thursday night) – a chance for people to display interesting collections, paper doll-related or otherwise.  This is where you can show off your toy theaters, dollhouses, paper toys, bridge tallies, or something not at all related to paper or paper dolls!  Have a collection of antique silverware?  Bring it!  Want to show off your stash of hand-made valentines?  Now’s your chance to share it!  Special Exhibits is designed for collections or sets of items, though not limited to groups, one very special item can be included.

— To enter something in Special Exhibits, you need to send the form from your info packet to Sylvia Kleindinst / 31 Jewett Parkway / Buffalo, NY 14214

For the Phoenix Show and Share last year, Lori Lawson brought paper dolls
created by one of her sons when he was 5 years old.


And then there is SHOW AND SHARE, which is going to exhibit one special paper doll from anyone who wants to bring one.  This is the exhibit of the hoi poloi !
It’s like Show & Tell when you were a child; you are showing off one of your favorite pieces, whether it’s rare or not. The point is that it’s a paper doll that is special to YOU.

Last year in Phoenix there was quite a variety, from one person’s favorite Queen Holden paper doll set she and her sister played with when they were children (and the dolls had the tell-tale bent necks to prove it!) to some recently-produced paper dolls of 40s movie stars by an artist from Tasmania. Some people brought amazing, original, painted art – David Wolfe showed off a fantastical paper doll set he made years ago, and Garth and Diana Lax showed us some special paper dolls made by some of our most popular paper doll artists – while other people shared beloved childhood sets that everyone recognized but who cares?  It’s the love of paper dolls that counts in Show & Share.

*** You do not have to register your Show & Share items in advance, just bring ‘em to the Show & Share room on Saturday and the Show & Share monitors will help fit everything on the tables.

*** Unlike The Competition or Special Exhibits, in the Show and Share room touching is allowed. 

*** A set or series counts as one item, but please do not bring more than one!  Those tables fill up fast, and we want everyone who wants to share to have a spot.

August 9 - 13, 2017
Airport Embassy Suites, 9000 Bartram Ave., Philadelphia, PA






[  ]  Registration:  $295
[  ]  Absentee Registration (Souvenirs):  $100.00 USD  
[  ]  Guest Registration (3 Meals/No souvenirs) $150.00

GUEST NAME:__________________________________________

Make checks payable/mail to: Linda Ocasio
                                                96 Minell Place

                                                Teaneck, NJ 07666

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