Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Some Morgantown paper doll pictures

Is it May already? Thank goodness! But I want to make sure I post a few pictures from the Morgantown luncheon before I dive into the Seattle convention. I've posted these on our Facebook group page, but just in case you haven't joined us there, here's a peek.

Above and below, Raffle Table items....

Grab bags -- boxes full of cut paper dolls--are among the most popular items on the raffle table.

I love this compilation of single-sheet paper dolls that Martha Raively put together.

Someone on Facebook shared information about this new set, which I purchased for a Raffle Table donation: wrapping paper with 4 paper doll tags. But I can't imagine cutting up this lovely sheet or folding it to wrap a gift. Who could resist carefully cutting it up and dressing the dolls? The company that produces this item is call "beve!"

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  1. Hi! I am brazilian. I am 64. Ok, when I was a child a friend of mine had the most incredible paper doll. It was a young lady, blond, her name was Rosangela. What made her special was the fact that her outfits , some of them , came with some kind of scene. For example, I remember a nightgown , or a robe, or both, that was placed in a dressing table. As if the doll was sat combing her hair. Have you seen any doll like this? thanks!