Friday, June 1, 2018

Jock of Scotland, 1932

I first posted this on my blog back in 2009! Still one of my favorite sets, Dolls of Many Lands, Whitman, 1932. I have this uncut, but in Morgantown I bought a cut version, too.


  1. Hi Linda,
    I'm trying to reach you because I saw something you posted about a post card you have. Your post was in 2010! It said,
    "I'm reposting because this is one of the gems of my postcard collection, an original piece of art in watercolor. I'd love to know if anyone out there has more information about Enos B. Comstock, a famous illustrator. This was addressed to his wife, and I could only speculate that the sender and artist Marie was perhaps their daughter. I did another search tonight and found a recipe for Comstock blueberry pie...hmmmm."

    My name is Katy Comstock. My grandfather was Henry Bassett Comstock. His father was Enos B. Comstock, so Enos was my great grandfather. If you want to connect, you can e-mail me at

    It was a treat to come across your post.

    1. My apologies for this late reply! Blogger is no longer notifying me when a comment is pending, so that's why it took long for me to post your comment. I'll be contacting you shortly!