Saturday, January 9, 2010

Carnaval Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney

Just in time for next month's Mardi Gras: Tom Tierney's Carnaval Paper Dolls with glitter.
You can order it here




  1. These are wonderful. Somehow they made me think of Elvis too (at least the first one) and then I wondered if there hadn't been Elvis paper dolls at some point.

  2. yes, Tom Tierney did an Elvis book, too. There was a spoof Elvis paper doll that appeared when Elvis was just hitting the big time. I posted that one last year:

    Bruce Patrick Jones did a phenomenal Elvis for last year's convention--based on Viva Las Vegas. I'll post that one soon on the 2009 convention blog.

  3. That's pretty funny...but they would have found the true evolution of Elvis unbelievable at that time (all the Las Vegas glitz etc.)

  4. I know what you mean. Just saw the film Elvis on Tour on TCM. It's still shocking to see how much he had deteriorated by 1972.