Thursday, January 7, 2010

Paper Doll Calendar for 1898

From the Houston Post, Dec. 26, 1897:
One of the season's novelties in calendars is called the paper doll. The doll is made of cardboard, cut carefully around in perfect shape. She wears four dresses to fit the seasons--one over the top of the other. Each dress has three calendar [months?]. The hair of the doll is cut around the shoulders and the dresses slip up and are held under the hair. The little coat on top, with the winter months, has the calendar fastened on the muff. When  December, January and February are past the dress is lifted off and the new dress is revealed. This is a little pale green robe dotted with violets, and the spring calendar is held by a fastening of violets. The third dress is of white lace trimmed with a wreath of pink roses; next comes the dress of bright plaid, with apron and slate, showing that school days have come with autumn. the dresses are tied on with a bright narrow ribbon. A broad piece of cardboard at the back makes the little girl stand up. If this is followed, be sure the winter coat is longer and fuller than the spring dress, so as to cover it, and the spring longer than the summer, and the school dress the smallest, so that none show from under. Frances Taylor  

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