Friday, November 18, 2011

A Suitable Muse paper doll, 2011

Thanks to Lone Nunnally for the heads up about yesterday's paper doll on the front of the Washington Post Style section ("A suitable muse," Thursday, Nov. 17). The article is about how women in the nation's capital rely on the conservative styles of the Ann Taylor stores for their fashion needs. (I'm a big fan of the Ann Taylor style, too.) The artist is Allie Ghaman.

If you click on the illustration above, it will take you to the Washington Post page. Look at the bottom for the pdf version, click on that and save to your computer.

Sweet: there's a caption below the paper doll with instructions about gluing the page to card stock before cutting out, and attaching clothing to doll by folding tabs back! Just like paper dolls of 100 years ago. (Yes, a new generation might just need to know how paper dolls work...)


  1. Brand new follower. I'm a lover of paper dolls, I draw them and collect them.

  2. Yes, I was amused that directions had to be included, and I wrote a letter to the Post that got published.