Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tracy's Paper Dolls

Someone found these exquisite Dennison paper dolls, but it wasn't me! Boo hoo! It was Tracy over at Tracy's Toys (and Some Other Stuff). These are jointed dolls, with movable arms and legs, patterns and a stash of crepe paper, so children made their own clothes. Some of the crepe paper is pre-printed with details, but most of it is not, and it's great fun to find a set and see how some child long ago designed a wardrobe. I have a Dennison set of my own, but these dolls are different from the ones I have and that are usually for sale on eBay. Didn't know Dennison had a boy doll.

Tracy has generously posted many pictures. Browse the rest of her blog and you'll see many of her other terrific finds. I've learned a lot about vintage toys from Tracy's posts. Thanks to Christine for the heads up!

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