Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kellogg's Krumbles Russia Cut-Out Dolls

Click image to see larger version, and print or save for your own files. 

It's always a challenge to date unmarked paper dolls, but this one is especially challenging. It might be the 1950s, but wasn't the Cold War in full swing by then? Would an all-American brand like Kellogg's show the hammer and sickle and a benign Russia at that time, and risk being labeled "fellow travellers?" Hmmm....I'm thinking this is immediately after WW2-- perhaps 1947-- when Russia was still perceived as an ally, not a threat.  You never know where paper dolls will take you -- from fashion history to politics!

If you want to see the other Krumbles in my collection, search this blog for "Krumbles."

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  1. Love these international Krumbles dolls. Thanks for sharing! :)