Sunday, January 15, 2012

Paula Hill's Open House 2012

 The holiday season isn't over until Paula Hill hosts her Christmas-New Year's -Birthday open house.  This year her event fell on her actual birthday, Jan. 15.

 Always something new to see, or to see for the first time. This lecherous Santa has his clammy hands on two flappers. I never noticed it before, but you can spot it in a picture from my 2010 visit to Paula's.

A wire tree decorated with pantins.

 Lovely and odd tableaus found on dressers and table tops throughout the old stone school house in Harriman, N.Y.

Down in the basement, Paula's antique shop. Shelves and tables overflowing with books, dolls and dollhouses and several cradles. Cabinets filled with paper dolls and toys and postcards...

An array of stuffed animals clamber out of a dresser drawer
Some lovely old books

Karen Ham with Puppetrina

Carol Sullivan and Joan Burke

A sweet doll

Now Santa can make his exit. Until next year...

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  1. I left a comment but it didn't take so here I am again. I said before this place you visited is so fun looking I would love to have been along and I love that 'sweet faced doll' and would want her even though I have stopped buying dolls and have sold off many of mine to reduce my collection.