Thursday, September 20, 2012

Forbes paper doll sailor, 1895

From the collection of Jane Alfano Rasor. This is one of my favorite things to collect: paper dolls and toys that were distributed with the Sunday newspaper in the 1890s. Sturdy card stock and strong colors belie the date of these cut-outs. This is one in the series known as the Forbes Doll. Does anyone know why?

The Strong Museum has posted some of the paper dolls and toys in their collection. Here's what the Forbes sailor looked like uncut on the sheet:

Quite a few layers on our sailor!


  1. That's a wonderful paper doll. I love the old patriotic ones.

    Wow, word verification is tough today. One more try before I give up.

  2. It has been getting tough lately, I see it on other blogs, too. Thanks for your persistence!