Sunday, September 30, 2012

The last issue of Golden Opportunities

Nan C. Moorehead has published her last issue of Golden Opportunities. It was a wonderful magazine, and I'll miss it. She has a few copies of the last issue to sell -- all color, so she's going out with a bang. A beautiful issue.

Nan will continue to circulate her sales list to those who were subscribers, and she's given me permission to post the list here. Here's the first page; I'll create a blog button that will link to a PDF file of the entire 10-page list.

This is how collectors found their treasures before eBay. Have your guide books ready. S=Saalfield, M=Merrill, L=Lowe, W=Whitman. Each page was printed on orange paper; I've scanned each page and got rid of the color background. Click image below for readable image. And look for the blog button with more pages in the coming week.

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