Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Political Circus, 2012

I know, we should all be watching the debate, but jeez, paper dolls are so much more fun. Tim Foley has two books out, "2012 Political Circus Inaction Figures" and the "2012 Political Circus Super Sticker Book," from which these pictures are taken. Both published by our good friends at Dover Publications. I love this kind of witty political caricature. Everyone is skewered.

What's Timothy Geithner doing on the Republican page? Hmmm, something to think about...Ann Romney was not in the spotlight when these books were produced, so she's not here. Too bad. Her Oscar de la Renta dress at the convention was a standout. The sticker book actually comes with a circus ring to stick the pols in. Why not? Send in the clowns!


  1. If I am to have any more Hope, or Change in my pocket, then Barry has to go !!!

    Go Get 'em Mittens !!!!


    Question, is the dark haired girl on the Bill page, Monica ? Lol !! If so you need the "dress" for her to put on. Lol !!

    Cute Graphics ! Thank you !!

  2. So that's what the magic underwear looks like which causes the silly walk.

  3. Using paper dolls for political satire, I love it!