Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pearl Chang by Kwei-lin Lum

Congratulations to Kwei-lin on this new paper doll, commemorating Pearl Chang, a Chinese star of martial arts film. It was a special commission from a fan of Chinese entertainment history, who has a fascinating blog about it, too, called Soft Film. You can see more of this unique set here. Will this set be commercially available, or does it exist only as original art for this particular client? Let us know, Kwei-lin. Also good to hear that Kwei-lin is working on a new set for Dover about Chinatown.


  1. Hi, Linda, Thanks for posting my Pearl Chang paper doll on your blog. The real deal has special lazer type papers with designs and highly textured backgrounds. I will make a few copies (without the sparkle of the original) for resale when I get the time. I got permission from the man who commissioned the set.


  2. Hi Linda!

    Thanks for your post about Kwei-lin's Pearl Chang set. I received several visitors from your link. It's always great to reach a new audience.

    I'm very happy that Kwei-lin will be making copies of the set available to the paper doll community.

    Best wishes,