Monday, October 8, 2012

Nan C. Moorehead 2012 Sales List #3

UPDATE:  Nan has asked that you add her unit number to her address, so it should read as follows:

Nan Moorehead
523 Maple St. #204
Edmonds, WA 98020

This is the third and last sales list of 2012; the first list was available only to subscribers of "Golden Opportunities," the magazine that Nan published for 17 years. Once Nan discontinued the magazine this year, she gave me permission to post her sales list on my blog, starting with list #2. Her next list will be available in January 2013, but hang on to these lists for future reference.

Nan's last sales list of 2012 is special: It features the favorite pieces of Wilma Goss, a collector who died earlier this year. Wilma was an elegant and fun lady, and her exquisite taste shows here, too. As Nan mentions in her brief note on page one, many of Wilma's paper dolls were part of an exhibit at the Edmonds Historical Museum, called "Paper People Go to the Movies," co-curated by Nan.

In addition to hard- to- find uncut movies stars and celebrities, Wilma had a lot of paper dolls by Barbara Barnett, who also produced paper dolls with her sister under the name, "The Jones Sisters." Above is a paper doll I purchased at convention from Barbara, call "Bailey in the Afternoon."

Call Nan to make sure the item you want is still available. Keep in mind the time difference -- she's in the state of Washington. Click on each image to read.

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