Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dublin Bridge Tally, 1926

People were mad for bridge in the 1920s. This comic tally was part of the Chester Thorpe scrapbook that I found a few years back, full of bridge tallys and other ephemera, and documenting the social life and travel of Chester and Carrie Thorpe.

I like the "We"- "They" division of players. This is a newsprint quality slip of paper, and it has held together well over the last 9 decades.

It is dated 3/20/26. The hat and shamrock are glued on tight. But you can still see the caption for the cartoon: "Bridge is such a simple game-- You don't have to remember what cards are out--I like to play solitaire -- It's so scientific!" says the lady with the cards, as her friends look at her in amazement. You can see in pencil "C. E. Thorpe," and "Mrs. Blaisdell" near the illustration.

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