Monday, September 2, 2013

The 2014 Paper Doll Convention in Richmond, Va.

UPDATE: Here's a clickable jpeg of the registration form, which you can print out, fill out and mail to Pat O'Rourke.

It's not to soon to start planning for next year's event. Note the early registration discount is only good until Nov. 1. 

Here's the registration form, and a paper doll of actress Veronica Lake by Pat O'Rourke, the organizer of our "Rendezvous in Richmond." I found the paper doll on Marge Schaffer's blog, where you can see all the outfits that came with it.

                         RENDEZVOUS in RICHMOND (June 25 – June 29, 2014)

Hotel:   Four Points Sheraton, 4700 South Laburnum Avenue,  Richmond, VA. 23231.
             Phone:  804-226-4300.

---   Special Rate for Convention:  $92.00 double bed suite which includes breakfast. (3 handicapped
       suites available.)
---   Registration Fee:  $260.  Early registration ($230). Guest Registration: $150. (Please make
       checks out to Patricia O’Rourke.)  Absentee Registration: $100 (souvenirs only)
---   No charge for parking vehicle.
---   Free transportation to and from Richmond Airport.
---   Use of  hotel van within five miles of hotel
---   Three banquet meals, refreshment buffet on Wednesday night, five souvenirs.  Richmond tour
       scheduled for June 25th.
---   Across the street from White Oaks Village which has many restaurants and stores.
       Restaurants include:   Fridays, Cracker Barrel, Olive Garden, Panera Bread, Red Lobster,
       Longhorn Steakhouse, etc.  Stores include all the usual plus many small Boutique stores.
---   For additional information or questions, contact Pat O’Rourke, 6 Piccadilly Court, Toms
River, NJ 08757.  Email: or 732-736-6892 .  (early registration available until November 1.)




Telephone: _____________________  Email: _______________________________________

Registration:   ______                                Guest Registration:  __________
Absentee Registration (souvenirs only)  __________

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -------------------------------------



Telephone: _____________________  Email: ________________________________________

Registration: _______ Guest Registration: ___________
Absentee Registration (souvenirs only) _________
(Please send in this part of the form for our records…and keep the top two-thirds of the form for your records)


  1. Virginia is doable for me, I live in North Carolina. I'm really excited. Finally I can go to one! Maybe, probably.

  2. I like that this is planned for earlier in the summer. For those of us who teach and still have youngsters starting school in August, this is better timing.

  3. I also live in NC so this one would be do-able for me as well. Do you have to attend the entire convention or can you come on a day pass. For instance, is it open to the public for a set fee per day or is it closed to the public and you need to reserve your spot by sighing up for the package deal?

    Also is there some special website where you can read all about the paper doll convention and it's activities; such as the agenda or items listed on each day or how to enter paper dolls into the display/competitions.

    I just want to read more about it and can only find snippets here and there. I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction. - grins

  4. EK,

    No partial registrations are available. Conventions are costly affairs to put on, and convention organizers need total "buy in" from us to, at the very least, break even. The guest registrations are cheaper, but guests receive no souvenirs, just the meals.

    It is well worth getting the early bird registration of $230, which expires Nov. 1.

    Also, I'll email you the Garth Lax updates from the 2013 convention, so you can see how it is organized.

    Look forward to seeing you in Richmond!