Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Get Well Wishes for Tom Tierney

We're sending a ton of love Tom Tierney's way. The King of Paper Dolls is facing a challenge.

His niece Kathy O'Tierney posted the following message on Facebook:

Dearest paper doll family,
I am sorry to say that we are going to have to cancel the Texas Paper Doll Party scheduled for this March. As some of you know or may not know Tom has been diagnosed with lung cancer. He has decided not to receive chemo. Due to his age it is not recommended. He continues to have a positive attitude but as you can imagine has some pretty rough days. Please continue to send him well wishes and prayers! Please don't hesitate to come visit if you wish. Just let me know, but sorry I just can't handle a party right now! Thanks to you all. 
You can send a note or card to Tom at the following address:

Tom Tierney
P.O. 269Smithville, TX 78957  

Kathy just lost her husband -- Tom's nephew-- last year. Our thoughts are with Kathy, too, as she helps our beloved Tom through this difficult time.

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  1. So sad. I had hoped to meet him since his paper dolls were so special to me when I was a girl. Without Mr Tierney, I would have had a lot less paper dolls. I wonder what this will mean for his shop?