Sunday, January 26, 2014

Paper Doll Studio Issue 107

The latest Paper Doll Studio is a honey of an issue! More than 30 artists took on the theme of Queens, and Jenny did a great job of organizing the submissions. David Wolfe provided the doll of Queen Elizabeth that artists costumed in everything from traditional robes to modern dress. Below is a selection: 

Pretty fabulous, and that is just two of the  64 pages. Other Queen-themed paper dolls were also included: Queen bees (Linda Hoerner and Carol Peters); Tom Tierney's Drag Queens; Jim Howard's Nefertiti; Evie Fullingim's Queen of Hearts; Kwei-lin Lum's take on all the Queens in the card deck; Brenda Sneathen Mattox's Empress Eugenie of France -- to name just a handful.

I also loved reading the article by artist Anita Barbour, whose Queen Lili'uokalani of Hawaii is featured on the cover. David Wolfe provides a thoughtful analysis of how Elizabeth I's life has been rendered in film and TV over the years, and the liberties that have been taken with her story. David will be working this year on "Elizabeth I in the Movies," something for us to look forward to. Brenda Mattox, a longtime chronicler and collector of vintage fashion, gives us the lowdown on the wardrobe of Elizabeth II, the current British monarch that we feel we have known all of our lives. 

Judy Johnson's tribute to Johana Gast Anderton -- one of the founders of the Original Paper Doll Artsist Guild -- is very moving. 

Reading Sharry O'Hare's article about the 2013 convention was thrilling -- I heard her and her husband Micheal sing a medley of Broadway tunes at the Los Angeles convention, but had no idea how this fantastic couple came to connect with the paper doll world. Well, she is a collector, L.A. was her first convention and she and Micheal have signed on for Richmond this year. Sharry's delight in meeting the artists she knew only by e-mail or the web reminded me of what a special community this is. And how lucky we are to have Sharry and Micheal join us once again. 

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  1. It was everything you say and more. I thought it was a fabulous issue & I loved the convention review. I get my copy a week after everyone else as it has further to travel - when I see these posts popping up I know there is not long to wait! :)