Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thank you, Joan Homann!

Joan Homann posted the following message on the Paper Doll Bulletin Board last week:

"After going on 18 years as Administrator of the Board, I have decided that it is time to retire. I cannot express the pleasure I have experienced since creating the Board for fellow paper doll collectors. I hope that the Board has increased knowledge of the hobby, advised as to availability of various sets, provided social contact, answered questions, and encouraged others to join in this wonderful hobby. 

"As of now, the Board will go on under the supervision of the webmaster. Thank you for many wonderful years. Joan Homann"

In addition to administering the board, Joan also put together a nice guide to Magazine Paper Dolls, pictured above. I believe you can still order it directly from Joan at her website.  It's indispensable if you collect Lettie Lanes, Dolly Dingles and Betsy McCalls.

I first learned of the New York City paper doll group via the bulletin board. Thank you, Joan, for connecting me to so many wonderful people!

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