Saturday, March 18, 2017

2017 Paper Doll Convention Souvenir Preview

Here is an excellent summary by the artist Eileen "Rudy" Miller, who is overseeing the souvenirs for the convention. Absentee souvenirs are $100, and can be ordered using PayPal by selecting Absentee on the Registration menu link on this page. 

If you want to use the paper form and mail the check, use this link to download the form:

Take it away, Eileen!:

I am so excited to be co-ordinating the souvenirs for the 2017 Paper Doll Convention.This year's convention souvenirs will feature eye-popping 60s Mod, Pop, and Psychedelic artwork highlighting the looks and colors from an era that was a visual feast!

We will have a "Counter-Culture" paper doll book from Kwei-lin Lum who was at Berkley in the 1960s, and a compilation from David Wolfe on "Swinging London" where he lived during that decade. Larry Bassin will be contributing his version of Pop Art paper dolls.

I have put together a paper doll souvenir of models Jean Shrimpton, the face of the 60s, and Twiggy, the darling of designer Mary Quant. Other famous faces of the 60s will be illustrated in a book of movie stars such as Sharon Tate, Catherine Deneuve, Julie Christie and Tippi Hedren illustrated by Gregg Nystrom.

Artist Bruce Patrick Jones will cover James Bond in his souvenir, and there will be a fabulous music book with the charming paper doll caricatures of Spanish artist Guillem Medina of none other than the Fab Four, The Beatles. Along with a charming rendition of a Motown Girl-group from Shannon Finch.

No convention souvenir packet would be complete without a book of the beautiful fashion illustrations of Jim Howard. Jim has done a wonderful paper doll of Pierre Cardin fashions from the 1960s.

To round off the souvenirs, there will be a paper doll book from multiple artists, each depicting a TV show from the time period. Cory Jensen does I Dream of Jeannie, Ted Menton -Star Trek, Brenda Mattox -Dark Shadows, Sandy Vanderpool -That Girl, Norma Lu Meehan - Carol Burnett, Val Keller -The Avengers, Karen Hunter -Bewitched and Pat Rooney -Honey West.

There is also going to be a packet of black and white paper doll artwork from many different artists to cut and color.

You won't want to miss this great assortment of souvenirs!


  1. Be still my heart!

  2. When will the absentee souvenirs be mailed out?

    1. The souvenirs will be mailed out beginning next week!