Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Joseph Cornell

I am deep into "Utopia Parkway," a biography of Joseph Cornell by Deborah Solomon, and highly recommend it. Above, found on the web, one of Cornell's boxes, 'Untitled Tilly Losch,' circa 1935-38.


  1. Nice! I have it on my to-read shelf at home. :)

  2. My sister bought this for me about 10 years ago, when it first came out! Big imposing hardcover. But can't put it down now.

    In a way, that's the ultimate Cornell tribute. He procrastinated. Would collect all kinds of ephemera, and years would go by before he used it in a box. Ideas needed time to germinate. Of course, like many ephemera collectors, he had a filing system and knew how to retrieve exactly what he wanted.