Saturday, April 11, 2009

Paper Doll Studio #93

See to order. I saw this beautiful cover and immediately thought of the lovely Project Runway dolls -- it's the same artist, Marjorie Sarnat!

This is an indispensable publication for keeping up with all the contemporary paper doll artists out there. And everyone is welcome to submit outfits for each month's Dress-A-Doll. Inside this issue is a Judy M. Johnson doll to dress in a contemporary fashion design; deadline for submissions is Sept. 15. That sounds like catnip for those of you who follow the red carpet and know a a Valentino from a Balmain.

From the pdreview website:
"The patterns, designs and styles of both traditional and contemporary India are shown in a variety of paper dolls by members. For our cover, featured artist Marjorie Sarnat created an adorable little girl who wears modern clothes inspired by traditional designs. David Wolfe tells us about Princess Karam of Kapurthala, the famous maharanee who in the 1930s inspired the Schiaparelli collection based on the sari. There's also a how-to on how to wear a sari, plus Johana Gast Anderton gives us some tips from the drawing board."


  1. Happy Easter! I want to say "Thank you" for your wonderful blog. I check it every day for a taste of eye-candy. I'm a Northern California member of the "tab-hunters".

  2. Thanks for checking in, Gloria! Love the "tab-hunters" name.

    Happy Easter!