Sunday, April 5, 2009

Play Store

There were a lot of happy shoppers at yesterday's paper doll luncheon in Morgantown, Pa., hosted by Jayne Keller and Marlene Brenner.

Some of my favorite sellers came: Mary Young, Peggy Ell, Carolyn Thompson, Paula and Blaine Hill, Sheryl Jaeger, Don Schmidt. Original artists like Pat O'Rourke, Ralph Hodgdon (who drove in with Nancie Mooney and Laura Cushing-Kidney) and Lauren Welker were there, too. I discovered new sellers (for me) like Gwen Goldman and Ronell Anderson. At lunch or in the salesroom, it was fun catching up with Cynthia Wutrich, Chris Cannon, Margaret Eshbaugh and Jenny Elmore.

As I'm looking at the attendance list that Jayne put together, I'm wondering how I missed connecting with Jan Belcher -- did she come in from Ontario? Martha Raively was there? Where was I? Well, you know that sales room trance that comes over you.

Gwen Goldman had bags of Victorian scraps for sale, and I scooped up a few. I found an old cut movie star set at Pam Brittenham's table. Edna Corbett and her daughter Sharon had some delicious fudge brownies set out for shoppers. Toni Volk of Zipstoys had some excellent cut and uncut paper doll sheets for sale. And many other sellers who kept us busy before and after lunch.

Above: a few pieces from a bag full of Play Store cutouts I purchased from Carol Sullivan.

More to come.

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