Monday, June 1, 2009

Musee de la Poupee

As luck would have it, Samy Odin was in Barcelona the week I was in Paris. Nonetheless, I paid a visit to his doll museum, which is right across the street from the Centre Pompidou.

Here are some postcards from the museum gift shop; photos are not allowed at the museum:

There were quite a few old vintage French dolls on display as part of the permanent collection. But the special exhibit at the museum while I was there was all about Barbie! And I have to say, it was quite excellent. There was a diorama for each decade of Barbie, complete with that era's wardrobe, accessories and friends (Ken, Midge, Skipper, etc., all on hand). Of course, I loved the first decade, with the bubble hair and gold brocade cocktail dress. And that fabulous convertible...

If you plan to be in Paris in Sept., you can check out the following conference:
And Samy can help you identify your doll and its value, of course.

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