Monday, June 8, 2009

My wins at the Morphy auction

It was hard to resist getting in on the bidding action at the Morphy auction last month. I went fully expecting to just be a spectator--that didn't last once I previewed the lots. Especially this lot--the uncut Bezucha and the Lettie Lane town house folder-- were two items I had long sought out. These and other images are taken directly from the Morphy auction site.

Yesterday I posted my own scans of Spear's Daisy. The lower doll, which matches the image on top box, has some repairs to the head. Both boxes are lined in paper lace.

The Cranford children by Tuck. I already have the boy with one outfit, was glad to get more.
These are all oversized dolls: Our Favorite Dolls by Selchow and Righter; Polly Dolly and Tommy Tom by Stecher Lithographic; and the Curly Locks set (girl with bow not pictured) by Charles Graham Co. All cut, with their original (if frayed) glassine-type envelopes. c. 1915.

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