Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paper Doll Review, 1934

Here's the Tillie I ran solo last month, now I can post her with some outfits. Carol Carey won the set at the Morphy auction (as part of a huge binder of newspaper dolls) and found this was a duplicate in her collection--and passed it along to me. Thanks, Carol! The date is a mystery, because it's cut-out, but styles indicate mid 1930s.

UPDATE: Thanks to Peggy Ell for setting the record straight! This is not a Tillie the Toiler, but a Paper Doll Review by Chic Young (who drew Blondie), dated August 26, 1934. Thanks, Peggy!

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  1. Hi Linda,
    This is not a Tillie the Toiler pd. It is a pd from Paper Doll Review, drawn by Chic Young, who also was drawing Blondie in this series of pds before he concentrated on the Blondie family only. The date is August 26, 1934.