Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Virginia Weidler paper doll, 1942

I don't usually collect celebrity dolls, but once in awhile I find a cut set at a good price (usually at conventions, not on eBay). Here's one I bought at Jayne Keller's paper doll party a couple of years ago.

I always loved Weidler in The Women and The Philadelphia Story, and once I found she had a paper doll, I hunted it down. Whitman Pub., 1942. It might have been a wartime economy to have two dolls in the same pose; usually two dolls are posed differently and have different wardrobes.

Virginia Weidler died awfully young, at the age of 41, of a heart attack.


  1. I've never left a comment, but I check your blog everyday. Thanks for sharing such wonderful paper dolls! I've been a collector for years, but have forced myself to cut back because of how many boxes I have. :)

  2. Oh Millie you are lucky! It is funny how the paper dolls accumulate, once you get hooked...as I am slowly discovering!