Friday, July 10, 2009

The John Axe doll collection

On July 12 in Atlanta, Theriaults will hold the auction "Playful Art, Dolls of American Childhood," featuring dolls from the private collection of John Axe. Check out the catalog at for more wonderful pictures.

John had a wonderful eye as an artist and a collector. How we will miss him and his delightful sense of humor. Here are some samples from his collection, with notes from the Theriault catalog:

Effanbee, from their "American Children" series, designed by Dewees Cochran, circa 1937.

"Sally", designed as a competitor to the popular Patsy doll of Effanbee. American Character, circa 1935.

Effanbee Patsy (head) Effanbee Patricia (torso). A rare original "factory put-together"model with very fine original finish, rarer sleep eyes. Effanbee, circa 1935.

Patsy dolls, 1932, and Patsyette, 1935.

The dolls were designed by Harriet Flanders who also wrote a book "Little Cherubs" featuring her dolls, and they were marketed by Georgene Averill, circa 1937.

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