Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coney Island then

I found this folder more than 20 years ago. No date, but I would guess c. 1920. The back of the folder is marked as a postcard, so you could seal and mail.

They don't look very happy! They might have been exhausted trying to see and do everything. I don't think they're on a ride, but likely just posing in a stage vehicle.

A more recent find: I would guess about 1946. And they appear to be posing around a fake bar! Note the "shelves" behind them--a painted backdrop. This also is a postcard with a divided space for address and message. No addressee, but someone wrote: "Butch & Icki & his goils friend's" -- that's the spelling and punctuation!


  1. Lovely the mermaid postcard. Kizezzzz.

  2. That fairy mermaid is beautiful - both are great finds!