Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jane Arden Scrap Drive

Jan. 24, 1943.


  1. I love this blog!!! It reminds me my childhood.

  2. I agree with Simone-I love this blog too, but I only wish it reminded me of my childhood and frankly, Simone you look a little young for it to remind you of much of yours:)

    I love this victory drive stuff.

    That is an honest, patriotic woman, right there!
    And those clothes! lol
    I am straight, but I am in love with her and I would have saved all the scrap metal I could have!

  3. I think what Simone means is that it reminds her of playing paper dolls when she was a girl. Maybe not this specific doll.

    I love the striped dress with the pockets.

    I also agree, this blog is quite wonderful.