Saturday, October 10, 2009

Douglas Fairbanks

No date or publisher on this sheet, and no info in the reference books I have. But who can resist a star of the silent era?

Update: I had this incorrectly as Douglas Fairbanks Jr.; he came later.


  1. Interesting doll. I've never seen this. Wonder if there was a series? I've always wanted the Movy Dolls

  2. The Jean Woodcock book, Paper Dolls of Famous Faces, also shows a Charlie Chaplin in this series, but no indication of publisher or date. The paper is pulp-y, so might have been a 5&10 special. Or a movie theater giveaway. The Movy dolls are top notch, in terms of illustration and paper quality, from what I've seen at conventions. I have a repro somewhere...