Monday, October 26, 2009

Sylvia Field, 1926

From the back of the Peter Pryde page.
Sylvia Field is the freshest face here, and talented enough to be in a play by George S. Kaufman, who is even today highly regarded in Broadway history.
I recognize the names Fay Bainter (from crossword puzzles!) and Nancy Carroll (isn't she a paper doll, too?).

UPDATE: Sylvia Field had a long career, from Broadway to TV. She was Mrs. Wilson on the old Dennis The Menace TV show. From the internet (where else?):
Sylvia Field's several-decades-long career encompassed performances on stage, screen, and television, where she was best known for playing the kindhearted Mrs. Wilson opposite crotchety Joseph Kearns and mischievous towhead Jay North on Dennis the Menace between 1959 and 1962. Born and raised in Boston, Field was 17 when she launched her professional career in a Broadway production of The Bluebird. She entered films in The Exalted Flapper (1929) and would appear in eight more features before retiring from movies in 1958 after appearing in Annette. Married to comedian Ernest Truex since the 1940s, she made her television debut along with him in Mr. Peepers. The show was produced in New York and ran three years before Field and her family decided to quit the show and move to Southern California. Following her departure from Dennis the Menace (which was precipitated by the death of Kearns), Field continued to appear as a television guest star on series such as Perry Mason and Father Knows Best. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

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  1. Funny, even before I read your comment, I looked at her picture and thought, "what a fresh face." I bet she was charming.