Sunday, October 4, 2009

The NYC Paper Doll Group

The paper doll group that meets in Manhattan once a month is comprised of Carol Carey and Pat Whalen from Brooklyn, Joan Burke from Suffern, NY, myself (I take the bus in from NJ) and occasionally Karen Hamm, a music teacher in Manhattan who incorporates paper doll pieces in her original scrapbooks.

We take turns bringing in a paper doll to dress--here's one from Carol's collection--with Carol's own imaginative designs: part scrap paper, doily and store-bought doodads, part elements of an old set (the rabbit tucked under the arm of the pajamas). I've learned a lot from Carol's subtle and restrained use of watercolor- type markers to suggest folds, pleats, and other contours.

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  1. This makes me wish I lived in NYC. You have the best instructor with Carol, I have a lot of her wonderful outfits as I was in a round robin with her for a long time.