Monday, April 5, 2010


About six years ago I worked in Montclair,  N.J., a great neighborhood for restaurants and stores of all kinds: books, antiques, clothing...and paper. I found this teacher's instructional card at a shop called Parcel. I could always count on finding something fascinating: old pharmacy labels, for example, vintage cards and wrapping paper, or little plastic charms. Another favorite purchase: old rubber stamps with images of a trolley, an old bus, a cow, FDR's portrait...

Here's the back of the doll above; click on image for a better read.

It's been awhile since I visited Parcel, but I had a pleasant surprise when I searched for it online recently: The web site conveys a lot of the magic I found within its doors.

Here are some photos from Parcel.

And her blog has some terrific news: stickers and embellishments inspired by her store's vintage inventory will go on sale at craft stores like Michael's and Jo-ann Stores as Parcel for Jolee's Boutique. She's also selling on etsy. It's great to see a store with such personality and charm continue to grow. And I believe I'm overdue for an in-store visit.

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  1. Hi Linda,

    Thank you so much for reminding me about Parcel.....I haven't looked there in a couple of years. I think I found them right after they opened years ago, and totally forgot about them.......the mind is definately going!