Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rosa Rustic, c. 1880s

This was one of the last things I bought at the Morgantown luncheon, from Sylvia Pencosky, who had many McLoughlin paper dolls for sale.

UPDATE: This is a front and back doll, popular in this era. The outfits were connected at the sleeve or skirt and slipped over the dolls head. Here's the back of the doll, which had a repair at the bottom.The seller probably had a duplicate, and repaired missing pieces with copies from a fine-condition original.


  1. Hi Linda,

    That's such an unusual set of paper dolls. You're definately lucky in finding those kinds of things.


  2. She is wearing a slip that exposes the shoulders, but I have to wonder why. The dresses cover the shoulders completely. I am also curious about the front and back clothing.

  3. Oh I just popped in to say Hi and I see you are a paperdoll lover too! So glad I found you!